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 “I am very impressed with the outstanding crawl space services these people provided for me. Thank you for everything, and keep it up! ”
Raul Cabrera

 “Thank you for the fast and quality results, guys! I will definitely recommend your remarkable services to everyone who is searching for a responsible crawl space expert.”

Vedel Lanier

“These guys did a fantastic job for us, several other contractors told us the best thing we could do was just bulldoze our farmhouse because the entire 1st floor was destroyed by termites.”

Brenda Robinson


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What is crawl space Encapsulation Woodcrest, anyway?

crawl space  encapsulation Woodcrest: The Encapsulation of crawl Space describes the procedure of dividing the location below your house from your actual home, or structure envelope.

When done properly, it prevents the passage of air from the crawl space  to your living environment and creates healthier living conditions.

Sadly, not everybody does it right.

The Advantages Crawl Space Encapsulation? Floorings will be cooler in the summertime and warmer in the winter season. Your HVAC equipment will last longer.

You’ll save money on energy costs. You’ll minimize opportunities for mold or pests to enter your house. There’s a lot to like about an encapsulated crawl space 

Here’s how NOT to enhance your crawl space encapsulation Woodcrest

Before revealing you the proper way to encapsulate your crawl space, let’s a take a look at a few things you should not do to improve your crawl space environment:

Add a vapor barrier … and nothing else: Halfway enhancements are common, but they’re not effective. A plastic vapor barrier on the flooring of your crawl space may reduce humidity originating from the wet earth below, but it’s not going to insulate a vented crawl space from the damp outdoors. Ignore bad waterproofing or mold growth:

If you have standing water and/or mold growth in your crawl space , encapsulation is Step 2, not Step 1.You need to handle those problems initially.


Dehumidify a vented crawl space:


You can’t dehumidify a space that’s open to the outdoors. If you attempt, the dehumidifier will run 24/7 with absolutely no reduction in crawl space humidity.


These are just examples of failed crawl space  enhancements that we’ve experienced in Atlanta location homes. Total encapsulation is the only method to genuinely change your crawl space  into a tidy dry environment that’s conducive to healthy indoor conditions.


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crawl space Encapsulation Woodcrest


Crawl Space Encapsulation Woodcrest North Carolina

crawl space  encapsulation Woodcrest can enhance both Your home’s integrity as well as your health But you need to do it right. Many crawl space s are dark and wet. They also harbor biological contaminants (mold), insects, or both.


These conditions jeopardize the resilience and efficiency of your HVAC devices, water heater, and other components that reside listed below your house. They can also create major indoor air quality problems.

Long story short: Your crawl Space Encapsulation Woodcrest environment affects the convenience of your indoor environment.




Step 1: Mitigate all drainage, mold, or combustion problems.

Some crawl spaces aren’t all set for encapsulation. Before you opt to encapsulate, be sure your crawl space isn’t struggling with:


Inadequate drain around the structure: Insufficient grading or an inadequately preserved drainage system enables water to leak into your crawl space . If you see standing water below your home, call a structural engineer or drainage company before pursuing encapsulation.


Mold growth: When you have mold growing on your floor joists or HVAC devices, you need to clean it up prior to an encapsulation project traps it inside your crawl space .


Back drafting from combustion devices:

At Structure Pro we always perform a security inspection prior to encapsulating your Woodcrest crawl space .

One reason we do this is to recognize whether a gas heater or water heater is emitting carbon monoxide gas. Encapsulating a crawl space with leaking gas devices can permit damaging gases to backdraft into your house. The majority of homes don’t have any of these problems! After validating that you’re in the clear, you can proceed with encapsulation.

Action 2: Completely seal the floor, vents, and walls.

You wish to seal your crawl space from your home envelope and, to the extent possible, the outdoors. To make that happen, you’ve got to do all of the following:


At PV, we set up a dehumidifier in every encapsulated crawl space . These gadgets, which are sized to fit your crawl space , drain straight to the outdoors. We also set up humidity displays, so you can actively keep tabs on the effectiveness of your dehumidification devices! 


Add a plastic vapor barrier to the crawl space flooring and connect it to the foundation walls, piers, and equipment. Connecting the vapor barrier assists keep moisture out of your crawl space . In addition to walls and piers, we also connect the vapor barrier to your air handler or water heater – whatever it requires to seal crawl space parts from the ground below.


Seal off all vents and openings to the outdoors. We wish to avoid humid outdoor air from entering your crawl space .


To make that take place, we seal off crawl space vents utilizing foam board and spray foam. We likewise connect foam boards to the crawl space door. Include a thermal barrier to the crawl space  walls. To prevent outside air from entering your crawl space , we attach foam insulation to all crawl space  walls.


Air sealing all the gaps and fractures.

The next step is to seal off all staying gaps and fractures with spray foam: Band joists, Air Conditioning drain line runs, plumbing penetrations, electrical wiring, and so on. This action includes sealing all spaces between the crawl space  and the flooring of your house.

When we encapsulate crawl spaces, we constantly maintain a constant point of evaluation to please termite policies. That way, no one has to take apart the encapsulation to inspect for termites.


 Action 3: Keep the crawl space dry.

Finishing the above steps will go a long way toward keeping your crawl space tidy, dry, and uninviting to insects and other pests.

Nevertheless, moisture barriers, air barriers, and thermal barriers alone aren’t always sufficient to keep low humidity levels year-round. For that, you’ll need to set up a drying system. Basically, they’re not frightening! Changing the temperature on your water heater doesn’t need to imply battling camel crickets, inhaling mold spores, or hoping you do not get bitten by a spider.

Most significantly, an encapsulated crawl space  avoids biological contaminants from entering your living environment. Thanks to enhanced indoor air quality, you and your family will be breathing a great deal much easier.

  • crawl spaces don’t need to be frightening.
  • Encapsulated crawl spaces do not smell bad. They’re dry.
  • They protect your water heater and air handler elements. They’re inhospitable to pests.
  • If you’re ready to encapsulate the crawl space in your Woodcrest home


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