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Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Buckling or uneven floors
  • Excessive allergies, mold sensitivities 
  • Musty smells and odors
  • Visible mold in vents and floors
  • HVAC straining to “keep up”
  • In the crawl space:
  • Standing water or puddles
  • Chalky white marks on foundation 
  • Fallen or hanging insulation
  • Bugs & critters
  • Excessive water puddled against house 
  • Crawl Space Repair Raleigh NC 

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Crawl space repair Raleigh Does your crawl space show signs of rot, mold or structural damage?

 If your crawl area reveals indications of rot, mold or structural damage, these problems will encompass other parts of the home. 

Prolonged wet, wet conditions can compromise the structure walls and trigger structural damage, making your home hazardous for your family.

House inspection issues could also result. And it might not just be the foundation that is damaged; 

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Benefits of Encapsulating Your Crawl Space

  • Eliminates potential for mold growing under your home
  • Increases the lifespan of equipment (HVAC, plumbing)
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Prevents wood rot to subflooring and structural wood
  • Provides increased insulation
  • to your home which makes it more energy efficient
  • Improves your homes marketability for resale
  • Adds a barrier against pest infestations
  • Provides additional storage space free of moisture and humidity
  • Best Crawl Space Repair Contractor InNorth Carolina 

Raleigh crawl space repair For all your Crawl Space Repair Raleigh NC ServingNorth Carolina for the last 30+ Years. Not mater where you are we can help as we are your regional foundation and crawl space repair contractors.

Raleigh crawl space repair NC Crawl Space and Basement Systems offer vapor barrier installation, sump pumps, Crawl Space Encapsulation and structural Pros repair work services.

Standing Water and debris are removed from you crawl space. Standing water can lead to mold and loose debris can eventually puncture the liner

Crawl Space Sealing -all cracks, gaps,vents,and under-floor penetrations gets SEALED! We seal off every vent and opening, along with sealing all gaps and cracks.This creates a complete seal against exterior moisture that can seep into the crawl space

Crawl Space Inspected -Removal of all Mold, Mildew and fuzzy things are removed! To correctly Seal a Crawl space processes need to be followed and we at Our Foundation Crawl Space Pros do just that when working on your crawl space repair Raleigh job you can rest assured if there is any mold it will be treated and removed by the industry standards. (not doing this even if it is said dead can reproduce and come back by the spreading of spores.

Insulation Replaced – Wet, Damp, Dirty, Hangs, or Fallen out Insulation is removed and replaced! We have pride in our work, we will not leave your crawl a mess and will replace any bad insulation you currently had. Doing this will help in creation a better air barrier and overall efficiency of your home.

Prevention Maintenance – Drains and sump pumps Installed as required If your crawl space is susceptible to flooding then we can install equipment that will remove it and divert it away from your home

Heavy Liners that are Reinforced- are installed on our projects. They are much more durable than regular liners and/or vapor barriers

Your Crawl Space Walls (foundation Walls) receives Installed Insulation- Our Insulation will  comply with current Energy and local codes This further aids in  moisture control and the over all conditions of your crawl space. you can ensure better air quality for your loved ones.

Our Foundation Crawl Space Pros Installs quality Dehumidifiers – help maintain low moisture and humidity levels in your crawl space

How Does a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty sound?- Well You Got it. Most importantly, you know your crawl space encapsulation will last because we stand behind it


crawl space  ENCAPSULATION Raleigh NC

The area under the home is prone to not only flooding, but can also have increased levels of moisture and humidity. Couple these factors with darkness, and you have the perfect environment for mold growth.

AlthoughNorth Carolina changed it’s building code in 2005 to ensure new homes all have crawl space encapsulation systems, most older homes still have crawl spaces that have no barrier between the wet damp area under the home and the floor of the interior. This not only can allow dangerous levels of air from mold to enter the interior of the home, but exterior elements such as heat, cold, and humidity can leech into the home as well.

The CRAWL SPACE RELEIGH  professionals at Our Foundation Crawl Space Pros understand the benefits of what a sealed crawl space can offer, so our highly trained technicians have been taught how to develop custom-suited crawl space  sealing service plans that are designed specifically for your home or business.

Contact us Today for your same day free no obligation quote, Are you ready to start now then, take advantage of additional discounts offered for those who are ready to get started. After the work has been performed, the sealed crawl space  job will be re-inspected to ensure the work was completed successfully and that you are satisfied.

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You may Need Crawl Space Repair Raleigh if you have noticed Moisture!

A dry crawl space is the starting point of a healthy home. The walls enclosing your crawl space constitute your home’s foundation, the very base on which your house stands.

Prolonged wet, damp conditions can compromise the foundation walls and cause structural damage, making your house unsafe for your family. Home inspection problems could also result. And it may not only be the foundation that is damaged; moisture can also buckle hardwood floors, adding to safety hazards. ..

Crawl Space Repair Raleigh 30 Years

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Does your crawl space show signs of rot, mold or structural damage? …

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Your home is a complex system of interdependent parts. If your crawl space shows signs of rot, mold or structural damage, these problems will extend to other parts of the home.

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Crawl Space Repair RaleighNorth Carolina



Did you understand that as much as 50 percent of the air inside your home shows up from the crawl area? So you might Say what’s in your Crawl is what’s in your lungs.

It is really crucial to keep the location under your house as dry and clean as possible because it can and will directly effect your health and Mood.

Our Foundation Crawl Space Pros handles a numbr of foundation and  Crawl Space Repair Raleigh Solutions for all your needs including Crawl Space Encapsultioin.  Sealing the crawl space vents and including a vapor barrier can prevent moisture problems in the crawl area, such as mold, moldy smells, and harmed insulation. This procedure can certainly conserve you countless dollars down the roadway.

Speak with your Raleigh, Crawl Space Repair contractor about all the benefits of crawl space encapsulation and other options we will help you find the options for your home and Budget.  910-622-9986

Our Foundation Crawl Space Pros Wll deliver you a  qualified setup of crawl space vapor barrier systems and structural crawl space support/repairs for houses near Greater Raleigh we aim fo r you to have the best possable experice.

Crawl space repair Raleigh 

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The Top 10 Tips To know If  Your Craw Space is Have Problems In 2021

 Step 1: Mitigate all drainage, mold, or combustion problems.

Some crawl space s aren’t all set for encapsulation. Before you opt to encapsulate, be sure your crawl space  isn’t struggling with:

Inadequate drain around the structure: Insufficient grading or an inadequately preserved drainage system enables water to leak into your crawl space . If you see standing water below your home, call a structural engineer or drainage company before pursuing encapsulation.

Mold growth: When you have mold growing on your floor joists or HVAC devices, you need to clean it up prior to an encapsulation project traps it inside your crawl space .

Back drafting from combustion devices: At PV, we always perform a security inspection prior to encapsulating your crawl space .

One reason we do this is to recognize whether a gas heater or water heater is emitting carbon monoxide gas. Encapsulating a crawl space  with leaking gas devices can permit damaging gases to backdraft into your house. majority of homes don’t have any of these problems! After validating that you’re in the clear, you can proceed with encapsulation.

Action 2: Completely seal the floor, vents, and walls.

You wish to seal your crawl space  from your home envelope and, to the extent possible, the outdoors. To make that happen, you’ve got to do all of the following:

At PV, we set up a dehumidifier in every encapsulated crawl space . These gadgets, which are sized to fit your crawl space , drain straight to the outdoors. We also set up humidity displays, so you can actively keep tabs on the effectiveness of your dehumidification devices!

Add a plastic vapor barrier to the crawl space  flooring and connect it to the foundation walls, piers, and equipment. Connecting the vapor barrier assists keep moisture out of your crawl space . In addition to walls and piers, we also connect the vapor barrier to your air handler or water heater – whatever it requires to seal crawl space  parts from the ground below.

Seal off all vents and openings to the outdoors. We wish to avoid humid outdoor air from entering your crawl space .

To make that take place, we seal off crawl space vents utilizing foam board and spray foam. We likewise connect foam board to the crawl space  door. Include a thermal barrier to the crawl space  walls. To even more prevent outside air from entering your crawl space , we attach foam insulation to all crawl space  walls.

Air seal all the gaps and fractures. The next step is to seal off all staying gaps and fractures with spray foam: Band joists, Air Conditioning drain line runs, plumbing penetrations, electrical wiring, and so on. This action includes sealing all spaces between the crawl space  and the flooring of your house.

When we encapsulate crawl space s, we constantly maintain a constant point of evaluation to please termite policies. That way, no one has to take apart the encapsulation to inspect for termites.

Action 3: Keep the crawl space dry.

Finishing the above steps will go a long way toward keeping your crawl space tidy, dry, and uninviting to insects and other pests.

Nevertheless, moisture barriers, air barriers, and thermal barriers alone aren’t always sufficient to keep low humidity levels year-round. For that, you’ll need to set up a drying system. Basically, they’re not frightening! Changing the temperature on your water heater doesn’t need to imply battling camel crickets, inhaling mold spores, or hoping you do not get bitten by a spider.

Most significantly, an encapsulated crawl space  avoids biological contaminants from entering your living environment. Thanks to enhanced indoor air quality, you and your family will be breathing a great deal much easier.

crawl space s don’t need to be frightening.

Encapsulated crawl space s do not smell bad. They’re dry.

They protect your water heater and air handler elements. They’re inhospitable to pests.

If you’re ready to encapsulate the crawl space  in your SouthPort home

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